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Physician-assisted suicide

Sometimes referred to as “right-to-die”, “physician-assisted suicide” laws make it possible for terminally ill patients to use prescribed medications to end their lives instead of facing a protracted death. The latest state to pass legislation allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives was New Jersey. The law will go into effect on August 1.
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Health News Roundup–4/1/19

Welcome to Health News Roundup! In this edition, I share five recent healthcare articles that are worth a quick read. Continue reading

A shocking use of telemedicine

Every once in a while a healthcare story or article comes along that stops me in my tracks. I’m about to share the latest one. If we’re not careful, as our healthcare system evolves to increasingly rely on telemedicine, we’ll lose sight of what makes healthcare unique in the first place.
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Why prescription drugs cost so much

One of the big problems in our healthcare system is the astronomical cost of prescription drugs. For many patients living on a fixed budget, the cost of medications can be prohibitively high such that many patients simply quit taking them, or take them very infrequently. Did you know that Americans spend on average $1200 on prescriptions each year?
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Health News Roundup–2/20/19

Welcome to Health News Roundup! In this edition, I share five recent articles that will help keep you up-to-date on the latest healthcare news. Continue reading

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